Skype: Open sourcing it is no option!

While the Skype outage is ongoing and i’m in need to revitalize some older IM-Accounts at Jabber and MSN, it’s a good time to think about the whole Skype-thing.

Skype is not Open Source and according to Skype’s CEO Zennström, it will not be. He’s putting this decision on funny spurious grounds. So to his words, it needs to be closed to save it’s users from spammers and identity theft and of course it needs to be closed because they need to save their trade secrets.

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killing the beep

Sitting at my laptop, configuring a Debian test environment in VMware, Helloween in my headphone, i almost got killed by a heart attack when i had my finger on the wrong key, forcing the console to give out a loud, high pitched, screaming beep. This behaviour needs to be changed!

So how can i stop those annoying beeps?

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public brain extension

Working with many different software tools on Windows and Unixoids the capacities of my brain are more and more reaching it’s limits. So today i decided to expand my brain and use this tool as an information dump. I wonder how long i’ll follow this strategy.